Xbox Live / Zune is the online service used by Microsoft.

Products Edit

Xbox Edit

Xbox was Microsoft's first video game console.

Xbox 360 Edit

The Xbox 360 is the successor to the Xbox.

Games for Windows - Live Edit

Games for Windows - Live is the Microsoft Windows version of Xbox Live.

Windows Mobile Edit

Windows Mobile will be getting Xbox Live with the release of the Windows Phone 7 Series.

Zune Edit

The Zune website uses Xbox Live.

Zune HD Edit

Zune HD uses Xbox Live.

XNA Edit

XNA is a service of Xbox Live.

Memberships Edit

Silver Edit

Silver membership is free but doesn't have multiplayer, Facebook, or access to many other features.

Gold Edit

Gold membership costs $50 a year and lets you play online and access a few other features.

XNA Edit

An XNA membership costs $100 a year and is separate from Gold and Silver memberships. An XNA membership allows you to create homebrew Xbox 360 games.

Features Edit

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